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What NOT to serve at your Wedding

Did you know that the wedding breakfast is actually a British tradition? The 3 course sit-down meal is named the ‘breakfast’ as it’s the new couple’s first meal. Suited to a formal wedding, this is an elegant way to formally celebrate the marriage with friends and family. But it’s not the only way to feed your hungry guests. Budgets don’t always stretch to a formal sit down, and there’s absolutely no requirement to make it such a formal affair. Food can be just as wonderful served from buffet stations, and by doing away with all the service staff you’ll be saving a pretty penny. For an even more relaxed approach, food traders with quirky vehicles serving delicious things such as pizza or a hog roast can be really good fun. Ok, so there’s loads that you can do, but is there anything you should avoid? Errrr…. Yes, plenty.

Here are my top 5 wedding food nono’s. 1) Beige food! Canape service is prime beige territory. Beware the deep fry, the pastry base or the small sandwich. Mini food can offer so much more… cured salmon cubes, quail eggs, chorizo and saffron toast, beetroot wanton… the very colourful list goes on.

2) Canape carnivore Still on the canape trail, remember to put a decent balance of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. Something for everyone!

3) Hot starters If your speeches are before the meal. Because Chef will likely throw a strop and storm out when Uncle Dave speaks for 20 minutes and your beautiful soufflé is ruined.

4) Chicken main dish Oh come on now. We can all roast a decent chicken at home. Why be so basic!

5) Vegetarian options that are just vegetables Thankfully dietary requirements are a lot better catered for nowadays. Saying that though, if you’re deciding on a vegetarian dish for your guests, please put some sort of protein in there. A plate of vegetables and rice just doesn’t cut it anymore, sorry.

Whatever you decide to serve on your big day, make sure you try the food before booking it. Good catering teams will provide a tasting date where you get to sample lots of different options before making your choice. And it’s definitely one of the best parts of the wedding planning process, so make sure you don’t miss out. Good luck planning and if you want any ideas, help or access to our planning resources, drop me a line!

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